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Pay Bills via PayKii

Pay Bills via PayKii

SolidTrust Pay is excited to introduce bill payments via Paykii! More information about this convenient payment option can be found by clicking here.

FEE: None
DAILY LIMITS: Varies by country

To use this option:

1. Go to My Money > Pay Your Bills. Review the page, then click on the bill graphic.
2. Enter the requested information on the page. Click Pay Bills once completed.
3. The next page will ask you to confirm the transaction. If everything looks correct, click Confirm Transaction.
4. Voila! Your transaction will then go into pending while it is being processed.

Helpful Advice

- PayKii is applicable to the following countries:
     - Colombia
     - Costa Rica
     - Ecuador
     - El Salvador
     - India
     - Indonesia
     - Mexico
     - Pakistan