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Username Choices

Your username serves to identify your account in any situation where a merchant or other member is sending funds to you.  Choose a username that not only makes sense to you, but also to the people who will need it in order to pay you.  For example:
  • Carpenter5 is a good username 
  • SusanSmith is a good username
  • ghdh3dhe8rh is a terrible username!
Please note that SolidTrust Pay usernames are case-sensitive.  Due to technical limitations, SolidTrust Pay usernames cannot exceed 16 characters, cannot include spaces, and cannot consist of email addresses. 

Usernames also may not consist of a string of digits. Example: 3756371 is not an acceptable username.

Please be advised that you may NOT use any part of our company name in either your username or email address. You also may not use obscene, offensive, rude or politically incorrect usernames.  Such matters are at the discretion of our support and administrative staff; any accounts found in violation will be suspended.