Which countries/regions cannot use SolidTrust Pay?
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Which countries/regions cannot use SolidTrust Pay?

Information last updated: February 2018

Some regions need to meet certain requirements in order to use SolidTrust Pay's services. This is due to legal and security requirements. Please see if your region is affected below.

A. Requires Standard Verification to transact:
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Ethiopia
- Iraq
- Nigeria
- Philippines
- Sri Lanka
- Syria
- Trinidad and Tobago

- Tunisia
- United Kingdom
- Vanuatu
- Yemen

B.  Requires Bank Verification to transact :
- Pakistan

C.  Requires a government issued, international passport to be verified :
- Algeria
- Cambodia
- China
- Egypt
- India
- Indonesia
- Nepal
- Nigeria
- Pakistan
- Russian Federation
- Singapore
- Thailand
- United Kingdom
- Vietnam

D.  States within the United States that cannot activate an account :
- Arkansas
- Connecticut
- Florida
- Kansas
- North Dakota
- Texas
- Virginia
- Washington [state]

E.  Where SolidTrust Pay services cannot be offered :
- Iran
- North Korea

Helpful Advice

- Contacting Customer Support will not change the information above. SolidTrust Pay is continuously working to bring services to everyone, everywhere and with the least amount of inconvenience.
- Information about verification requirements and submission of documents can be found by clicking