I am an American user. How do I verify my American bank account?
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I am an American user. How do I verify my American bank account?

If you are an American user, you can verify your bank account to do deposits and withdrawals via ACH [Automated Clearing House].

To verify your bank account, you can choose one of two options.

1. Your bank account can be instantly verified using a third-party provider.
Please go to Banks & Cards > New Bank Account.
Please select CLICK TO BEGIN

You should be redirected to a page where you will select or search your banking institution and be redirected to log into your online bank account.
Upon completion of this step, your account should be upgraded to Bank Verified

2. Please submit an ACH Agreement Form [found by clicking here]. This form must have a handwritten signature for legal reasons. A digital signature will not be accepted.
- A void check or direct deposit form for the account you wish to be verified. Please make sure the document shows:
     - Your name
     - Current address that matches the one on your profile
     - A recent date [within 6 months from the date of submission]
     - Account number
     - Routing number

Helpful Advice

- Before submitting the ACH Form, please add your bank account information under Banks & Cards > New Bank Account. You should do this before submitting documents. The information you add needs to match the information on your documents.
- You must be Standard Verified before your bank account can be activated. Please click here for more information on how to verify your account to the Standard level.
- Only American bank accounts in United States Dollars [USD] can be used for ACH deposits and withdrawals. If you have any other currency in your account, you will need to convert them to USD by going to My Money > Exchange Funds. Do not deposit/withdraw other currencies via an ACH method. If you do deposit/withdraw funds in any other currency via an ACH, it will be rejected and bank fees will apply.
- You can upload your document[s] by going to My Account > Upload Docs. For more document submission information, please click here.