How do I verify my credit/debit card?
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How do I verify my credit/debit card?

Credit/debit card verification is required for security purposes. Please note, the following countries are not able to use the Micro Verification Process (MVP):
- Australia
- Brazil
- France
- Iran
- South Korea
- Pakistan
- Syria
- United Kingdom
- United States

For users in the countries above, please upload the following documents under My Account > Upload Documents:

- A front photo/scan of the card
- A copy of the most recent card statement

For all other countries, you may follow the process below.
An informative video guide can be found here:

If you prefer to read, please see the text below:
1. Login to your SolidTrust Pay account
2. Go to the heading My Money and select Deposit Funds Into Account

Card screen

Card deposit

3. Enter all of the information that is required to make the deposit, and confirm the transaction

confirm page2


pending page

4. Click the link provided in the above text, or you can go to My Banks and Cards > View Debit and Credit Cards
5. Select Verify Micro
6. Enter the micro verification amount and click on Edit
7. A small amount of money (between $0.01 - $0.50) will be added to the transaction total, and you will need to either: check your online banking OR call your card provider for the amount. For example, on my card statement I saw charge of $50.32, therefore the micro charge is 32 cents. Enter this amount in the required field Micro Amount

micro payment page

Now the card is verified and funds are in the account. Hooray!

approved funds on account
If you happen to enter the micro amount incorrectly, your use of cards will be blocked, and you will need to upload a copy of your card statement showing the deposit into SolidTrust Pay (STPAY). The MVP ensures that you are the owner of the card. The MVP needs to be completed only once per card, and once the process has been completed, all future deposits will be instant.

Should you require assistance, please contact Customer Support by clicking the button below.