How do I add/verify my credit/debit card?
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How do I add/verify my credit/debit card?

If you are a TrustCard holder, you do not need to verify your card[s].

Video guide:

To add/verify your card:
1. Login to your SolidTrust Pay account:

2. Register your card by going to the heading Banks & Cards > Add New Card:

3. Fill in all required fields. Once the fields have been completed, select Add Card:

4. Proceed to the heading My Money > Deposit Funds. Select Cards:

5. Read the page and fill in all required fields. If you have read and accepted the terms, check off the boxes and click Deposit Funds:

6. Review the transaction confirmation page carefully. Once you have read the information and ensured that it is correct [you may go back by selecting Change], click Confirm Transaction:

7. Review the verification page carefully. Notice there are 2 ways to verify your card: AUTO and MANUAL. To verify your card, follow the provided directions. Please note, the following countries are not able to do the auto verification. If you are in the following regions, you must manually verify your card [see MANUAL heading]:
- Australia
- Brazil
- France
- Iran
- Pakistan
- South Korea
- Syria
- United Kingdom
- United States

7A. Verification instructions:

8. Once you have successfully completed the instructions for AUTO, your card will be verified for use--congratulations! If you are verifying your card via the MANUAL method, please allow 1-2 business days for your documents to be reviewed and approved.

Should you require assistance, please contact Customer Support via the button below.