When will I receive the TrustCard?
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When will I receive the TrustCard?

Regular mail

Within Canada: 2-4 weeks
Outside of Canada: 4-6 weeks

DHL courier service

Check your tracking number via DHL's tracking service, found by clicking here.

Helpful Advice

- The timelines above are estimates, meaning once the card has been sent, SolidTrust Pay cannot speed up the process. Keep in mind that holidays and general delays may slow down your order.
- If you haven't received your TrustCard in the time frame listed above, confirm that you have ordered the card successfully [approved] by reviewing your transaction history under My Account > Transactions.  The purchase will be listed as 'TrustCard Order'.  If you have successfully ordered the card and the card hasn't arrived within the time frame above, please contact Customer Support via the button below.