Two-factor Authentication - Guide for Smartphones
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Two-factor Authentication - Guide for Smartphones

2FA [two-factor authentication] is having something you know paired with something you have. For example, you likely have a bank card, and in order to use your bank card, you must have a correct PIN when completing transactions. The bank card is something you have and the PIN is something you know. Together, the card and PIN make for a great two-factor authentication system, which in return protects your money.

To create a 2FA password via your smartphone:

1. Log into your SolidTrust Pay account.

2. Go to Security > 2FA Settings.

3. Download the applicable 2FA application onto your smartphone:

- For Android, iOS, & Blackberry: Google Authenticator 
- For Android & iOS: Duo Mobile 
- For Windows Phone: Authenticator

4. After you have downloaded the application to your smartphone, go to Start Set Up.

5. Select Send SMS [Short Message Service] Code. If you are not receiving the SMS code, or the mobile number is incorrect on the page, please edit the number [My Account > Edit Profile], or contact Customer Support via the button at the bottom of this page:

7. You will receive an SMS message with a SMS Confirmation Code. Enter this code in the SMS Confirmation Code field. Then select Enable 2FA.

8. Open the application you have downloaded onto your smartphone. Scan the QR [Quick Response] code [the black and white square].

9. Next, you will see a 6 digit number that changes every 30 seconds. This is your 2FA password - it is required when adding a virtual wallet to your account or if you wish to use an exchanger service.

Helpful Advice

- You must have a mobile device that is capable of receiving SMS messages to enable the 2FA on your account.

- For information on how to add your virtual wallet, click here.

- For information on how to use an exchanger service, click here.