How do I verify my account?
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How do I verify my account?

Credit/Debit Card Verified

For information on how to verify your card, please click here.

Standard Verified

Members from certain countries have the option to Verify their Identity instantly using a Third Party Provide, from within their SolidTrust Pay Account.
This option will appear upon log in and can also be found under My Account > INSTANT ID Verification
Several fields will appear for review and members will need to make sure the fields are correct before proceeding.
If instant verification is unsuccessful, manual document submission will be required.

Manual Document submission will be required for members located in countries where Instant ID Verification is not available for use.


Please go to My Account > Upload Docs and submit the following documentation:
1. A government issued photo ID. No information can be hidden on the ID. Please click here for an updated list of countries that requires a passport for verification. Ensure your ID has the following:
- Your photo [in colour].
- Your name.
- Your date of birth.
- An expiry date [exception to South Africa].
2. You must upload an address document. We require an unaltered, original document that has been mailed or emailed to you. This can be any type of bill or statement that has:
- Your name.
- Residential address [we cannot verify a PO box, however if the document shows your service address, this will be accepted].
- A recent date [no older than 6 months from the date of submission].

An address document can be:
- A utility bill.
- A medical bill.
- An insurance bill.
- A bank statement.
- A credit/debit card statement.
- A phone bill.
- Junk mail.

Bank Verified

All Standard Verification documents must be uploaded and approved before proceeding to Bank Verification.

1. Add your bank account before submitting documents. You can do so by going to Banks & Cards > New Bank Account. Make sure that the information you submit matches what is on the documents that are required [see below].
2. For Canadians looking to be Bank Verified, please click here.
For Americans looking to be Bank Verified, please click here.
For all other users looking to be Bank Verified, please click here.

Helpful Advice

- Before uploading any documents, carefully review what is required above.
- We do not accept handwritten documents.
We accept documents that are not in English. Please click here for details if you are submitting a document that is not in English.
- Do not upload the same document more than once unless otherwise instructed.
- Please allow 1-2 business days [excludes weekends and holidays] for your document[s] to be processed. Contacting Customer Support will not speed up this process. Documents are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Please check our blog by clicking here for holiday delay announcements.
- Keep checking the Messages area [upper right-hand corner when you've logged in] of your account for verification updates.

- If you have read the above and still require assistance, please contact Customer Support via the button below.