Leader's Club

Leader's Club

SolidTrust Pay wants to give you $3,000 unlimited times!

Seems like a good time, right? Earn up to $3,000 for every new merchant or member that you introduce to us. Not only that, but also receive 25% of all transaction fees of up to $3,000 when your referrals reach our qualifying levels [bonuses are available]! This opportunity applies to anyone, anywhere and to whomever wishes to generate their own income - talk about freedom! Your earnings will go directly into your SolidTrust Pay account - the revenue share is generated instantly. Woo hoo!

Apply today under the Leader's Club heading at solidtrustpay.com!

Helpful Advice

- Commission applies to transfer fees only [excludes withdrawals and deposits].
- Commission begins when your referral has reached 100 TrustPoints - this is the required qualifying level.
- Referrals do not expire!
- For the first 10 referrals that reach their qualifying level, you will receive an additional one time bonus of $100 [Personal Account] or $125 [Business Account]!
- There is no maximum to how much you can earn or how many referrals you can have!
- More benefits TBA!