What username choices are acceptable?
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What username choices are acceptable?

Your username serves to identify your account in any situation where a merchant or other member is sending funds to you. SolidTrust Pay recommends choosing a username that not only makes sense to you, but also to the people who will need it in order to pay you. Your username is your Payment ID code.

Here are some recommended examples of username choices:
- Carpenter5
- SusanSmith

Here are some not-so-recommended examples of username choices:
- ghdh3dhe8rh

A SolidTrust Pay username:
- Is cAsE sEnSiTiVe
- Cannot exceed 16 characters
- Cannot include spaces
- Cannot be a single string of digits, e.g., 3756371
- Cannot use any part of our company name in either your username and/or email address
- Cannot use obscene, offensive, rude, and/or politically incorrect terms

Your username choice is at the discretion of the SolidTrust Pay administrative staff. Any accounts found in violation of the above conditions will be closed without warning.