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How do I verify my credit or debit card?

As a countermeasure against credit card fraud, SolidTrust Pay requires all credit and debit cards to be verified before they can be used with our system.  This can be done immediately, with our automatic webcam procedure.  If you do not have a webcam, we can also verify your card manually (please see the instructions below).

We are able to accept VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro cards.  However, we cannot guarantee that prepaid debit cards will be accepted.  Please contact your card provider and ask if your particular card type is able to be used for international online transactions.

To add your card to your SolidTrust Pay account, please go to My Banks and Cards > Add New Debit or Credit Card.  Enter your name, as it appears on the card, as well as any other information requested.

You may add as many cards as you wish.  Please note that we are unable to accept business credit cards, due to a significantly higher rate of fraud involving such cards.

Once you have added a card to your SolidTrust Pay account, please follow these steps in order to verify the card.  

Please note that verifying your credit or debit card is not the same as obtaining Standard or Bank Verified status for your account.  For clarification, please see this article.
  • Go to My Banks and Cards > View Credit and Debit Cards.  You should now see a listing for the card that you wish to verify.
  • Click the Verify button on the far right, next to the listing for your card.
  • This will load a new page with further information.  Please carefully read the information provided, then proceed by clicking on Verify my card!
  • If you do not have a webcam, please click on the link "No webcam? Click HERE", and follow the upload instructions below.
  • You will then be directed to the Netswipe page (an external site that hosts the verification process itself).  Click on Verify transaction now.  
  • A new window should appear in the middle of your screen.  Please have your card ready and in position, as indicated by the visual example.  When you are ready to verify your card, click on Start verification

You may see a message from Adobe Flash Player which asks you to allow Netswipe to use your camera and microphone.  Please click on Allow, so that your card verification can be completed.

  • To complete the verification process, please hold your card in front of the camera.  On the screen, you should see the image which is being picked up by your camera.  Be sure to align the edges of your card with the frame provided.
  • Within a few seconds, your card should be recognized.
  • When your card is recognized, you will be returned to the main SolidTrust Pay website, and your scans will be processed.  This is not always immediate, so please allow a few hours.

In cases where the automatic webcam process cannot read the card, or if you do not have a webcam, you may also send images of the card to us for manual verification.  This requires the following:
  • an image of the front of your card
  • an image of a recent card statement or an image of the back of your card

If you have clicked on the link "No webcam? Click HERE", you should be taken directly to a page where you can upload these documents.  

If the automatic webcam process has been unsuccessful, please go to your My Banks and Cards > View Credit and Debit Cards area.  You should see a button, labeled Upload Scans, next to the listing for your card.  Please click this button, and upload the documents from the page presented.  Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please submit a support ticket.