How do I become an authorized exchanger?
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How do I become an authorized exchanger?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized exchanger with SolidTrust Pay! Our company strives to provide secure and reliable online transactions, and operates in compliance with all applicable government regulations, which requires processors to verify their customers, maintain records and report suspicious transactions.

You need to meet the following requirements to be a certified exchanger service with SolidTrust Pay:
1. You must be Bank Verified. Please click here for more information. Your account must also be at the Corporate level. To register for the Corporate account status, go to My Account > Upgrade Account > Corporate Account Upgrade.
2. You must be in possession of an active SolidTrust Pay TrustCard. Please click here for more information.
3. Your company must be registered as a money services business or legal equivalent in your jurisdiction. Business registration documents will be required to prove the current status of your business.
4. Your company must operate through a website, and you must only conduct business via this website. SolidTrust Pay does not authorize exchangers to operate through Facebook, IM applications, forums, or other media. Your website URL is required when applying for the certified exchanger status.
5. You must agree to accept exchange requests only via a SolidTrust Pay exchange button [to be provided upon approval]. You cannot accept exchanges by any other method.
6. You must collect and store pertinent customer information, such as: names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. This information is required for anti-money laundering and compliance policies.
7. You must monitor exchanges for any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Helpful Advice

- When you meet all of the criteria above, please contact us via the Customer Support button below. Our Customer Support staff will direct your request to our Exchanger Department. The Exchanger Department reserves the right to request necessary documentation to verify your business/account.
- SolidTrust Pay practices zero tolerance toward accounts that are found to be participating in unauthorized e-currency exchanges or cash outs. This includes the exchange of funds between different payment systems, or the buying and selling of SolidTrust Pay funds. SolidTrust Pay complies with Canadian and international anti-money laundering policies, which requires us to verify our clients and keep records of all transactions. Therefore, all transactions in and out of SolidTrust Pay's system are monitored closely. Unauthorized exchangers or any account found to be operating outside of SolidTrust Pay's requirements above will be suspended permanently, and all funds will be forfeited.