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TrustPoints Rewards Program

Introducing SolidTrust Pay's newest addition, the TrustPoints Rewards Program! The program is open to all SolidTrust Pay users, and it's simple to accumulate points! Below is a Q&A breakdown of this feature.

Q: How do I accumulate TrustPoints?
A: You can accumulate TrustPoints by transferring funds within SolidTrust Pay.

Q: How much is 1 TrustPoint worth?
A: 1 TrustPoint is valued at $0.01 USD. A $10.00 transfer gives you 1 TrustPoint.

Q: Which currencies are the TrustPoints available in?
A: The TrustPoints are in USD. For example, if your account balance is in NZD and you transfer funds, the points accumulated will be based on the current USD value at the time of the transaction.

Q: How do I redeem my TrustPoints?
A: You can redeem your TrustPoints balance by selecting the Redeem TrustPoints button at the bottom of the transaction page.

Q: How many TrustPoints do I need to redeem them for merchandise or cash?
A: You can do so once you have 100 TrustPoints. TrustPoints are redeemable in increments of 100.

Q: What can I do with my TrustPoints?
A: You can put your TrustPoints balance towards a number of options, such as:
- Merchandise, specifically Amazon gift cards [1000 TrustPoints = $10.00 gift card]. We are also working on creating gift card options that pertain to your region [to be announced]. 
- Cash that goes directly into your SolidTrust Pay account [100 TrustPoints = $1.00].
- Transferring your TrustPoints to another user [minimum of 5 TrustPoints - there is a 10% fee].
- Donating your TrustPoints to charity.

Q: If I receive TrustPoints for a transaction, but then I refund the transaction, do I get to keep them?
A: Unfortunately, you do not get to keep the TrustPoints in this instance. Also note, we cannot refund a transaction once you have redeemed the points associated with the transaction in question.

Q: How can I earn bonus TrustPoints?
A: SolidTrust Pay will notify users when we have special bonus days or promotions happening! We are also working on something special for our TrustCard holders!

Helpful Advice

- Answers are subject to change.
- TrustPoints have no cash value.