Two-factor Authentication - Guide for a Smartphone
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Two-factor Authentication - Guide for a Smartphone

2FA [two-factor authentication] is having something you know paired with something you have. For example, you likely have a bank card, and in order to use your bank card, you must have a correct PIN when completing transactions. The bank card is something you have and the PIN is something you know. Together, the card and PIN make for a great two-factor authentication system, which in return protects your money.

Video guide:

To create a 2FA password via your smartphone:
1. Log into your SolidTrust Pay account.
2. Go to Security > 2FA Settings.
3. Download the applicable 2FA application onto your smartphone:

- For Android, iOS, & Blackberry: Google Authenticator 
- For Android & iOS: Duo Mobile 
- For Windows Phone: Authenticator

4. After you have downloaded the application to your smartphone, go to Start Set Up.
5. Select Send SMS [Short Message Service] Code. If you are not receiving the SMS code, or the mobile number is incorrect on the page, please contact Customer Support via the button at the bottom of this page.
6. You will receive an SMS message with a SMS Confirmation Code. Enter this code in the SMS Confirmation Code field. Then select Enable 2FA.
7. Open the application you have downloaded onto your smartphone. Scan the QR [Quick Response] code [the black and white square].
8. Next, you will see a 6 digit number that changes every 30 seconds. This is your 2FA password - it is required when adding a virtual wallet to your account or if you wish to use an exchanger service.

Helpful Advice

- You must have a mobile device that is capable of receiving SMS messages to enable the 2FA on your account.
- For information on how to add your virtual wallet, click here.
- For information on how to use an exchanger service, click here.
- If the smartphone method [above] is not working, please try to set up the 2FA via desktop [Authy]. The applicable guide can be found by clicking here.